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Most manuscripts are rejected, and most of those—most by far—are rejected for reasons that have nothing to do with creative content

     In today’s ultra-competitive publishing arena, you simply can’t afford not to have your manuscript in the best shape you can achieve. Whereas a developmental editor, also called a content editor or “book doctor,” promises to try to help with imagery, plotting, and other ethereal elements that can't be measured or quantified, and who might or might not be of any use to you whatsoever, an expert proofer/copyeditor can always improve your work in the areas where publishers’ editors reject submissions more often than for any other reason—grammar, spelling, punctuation, usage, factual accuracy, solid continuity, and other structural elements of successful writing.
       We provide the actual expert editing and proofing you can use to improve the nuts-’n’-bolts of your work. You can tell the greatest story ever conceived, but it won’t do you any good if readers don’t stick around for it because they’re tired of working through the composition issues. Your story is your message; clear, professional-grade writing is your messenger. The words on the page are your sole connection to your reader.
       Most publications’ editors will never get to your storytelling if they encounter more than a couple of grammar-and-style issues in the first five pages; before they commit to finding out whether you can tell a story, they want to know if you can write. Put another way, the best tasting meal ever prepared is worthless if diners won’t taste it because you presented it to them on trash can lids instead of nice dinner plates.
       No book doctors—or developmental editors, or content editors, or whatever they might call themselves—can or will promise to actually make your manuscript better. We do promise that very thing, and we won’t charge you a cent if we can’t.

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