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Let Us Create Your Publisher-Ready eBook
  Unsurpassed eBook preparation

     Self-publishing is much different than it was even thirty years ago. Back then, if you wanted to publish your own book, you commissioned what was commonly called a “subsidy” or “vanity” publisher. Typically, you paid the publisher several hundred to several thousand dollars to design and print your book and ship the copies to you, and you sold them directly in some way. It was expensive, and it was nearly always unprofitable for everyone except the publisher.
     Today, you can self-publish your book as an eBook for no cost at all if you have the skills to do the design and formatting work yourself. Most authors don’t possess—and should not be expected to possess—this level of training and experience and don’t have the months or years to devote to acquiring it, so they hire professionals to do this critical preparation work.
     We can help. You provide your finalized manuscript, and we’ll format, compile, and convert your project to a Kindle book for submission to Amazon’s Kindle store, and to an ePub book for Barnes and Noble and other major electronic publishers that require the ePub format. We create both formats for as little as $80.00, about half of what other providers charge.

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EBook preparation is included at no additional charge when you have us edit and proof your book. See copyediting for more information about these services.